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Lonestar Sealcoat & Supply, Inc. is South Texas’ manufacturer, distributor, and

supplier of Star Seal products, the industry’s highest quality materials and additives.  

We carry all of STARs product lines including asphalt sealers, additives, primers and crack filling materials, along with all your pavement maintenance equipment needs.

We also offer a full line of parking lot striping paints and related products. Lonestar Sealcoat & Supply Inc. is backed by a team of the sealcoating industries leading chemists.  

We have 30 plus years of extensive knowledge as contractors in the sealcoating, striping and pavement maintenance industry. 

Allow our experience, knowledge, friendly customer service, and industry leading team to help you achieve your goals in this ever growing industry. 

Remember, our reputation has been built by protecting yours!

We don't look good until you do.

Wade was born and raised in Houston and worked in his family's paving business for 25 years before starting Lonestar Sealcoat and Supply in 2006. "I have wanted to own my own sealcoating manufacturing business since I was a teenager helping my uncle apply sealcoat." Wade has extensive experience in asphalt, sealcoating, striping, crackfilling, concrete, has done just about everything there is to do in parking lot installation and maintenance. "I have been in this industry my whole life and I have always loved the ability to see the finished product when I was a contractor, now I get great joy out of sharing my experience to help customers get projects done in the most efficient manner and help them with problems."

Lonestar has gradually added on items as we have seen a need responding to our customers request.  It brings us great joy being able to be a one stop shop and sharing our over 50 years of combined experience to assist our customers in everything including product selection, best practices in the various aspects of pavement maintenance applications, troubleshooting their problems as they arise, and being a sounding board for their ideas on how to approach their projects.  We try to make ourselves available even after hours to make sure they can get the job done.

Partnered with Highway Paint and Supply, who has been a pavement maintenace supplier in the Houston area for over 30 years.  This enables us to have sealer available on the North and South sides of Houston.


Our Team

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always be happy that you chose us. 

Long-term Business

Tom helped build the Lonestar plant in 2006 and has been here since its inception. An integral part of our success.Tom has been in the Houston area for over 40 years, has been around the paving business for more than 30 of those years. Tom has experience in just about every aspect of pavement instillation and maintenance, and has repaired just about every type of equipment involved in this industry. With a genuine smile and his helpful, willing nature - Lonestar Sealcoat Supply would not be what it is today without Tom's help.

Tel: +1.281.442.0050

14041 Chrisman Road,

Houston TX 77039




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We’re committed to providing you with products you can be proud of. 

Our staff members are highly skilled and have years of experience. But, their dedication to making sure your needs are met doesn't come from that, it comes from within, it's embraced and appreciated by all of our staff. 


Get to know our experienced staff. They’ve got the skills, and a desire to help. Come see why no other local manufacturer is as qualified or convenient as we are.