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The way society moves through our world should be an afterthought. When it comes to roads, interchanges, airports, hospitals, schools and any other place along our routes in life—we don’t always think about how they are constructed or the science behind how they work—we just expect them to. That means every country, government, contractor, architect and engineer needs the right tools at their disposal to make sure the communities under their watch are protected by high-quality, well thought out infrastructure that keeps them safe and the world running smoothly. That’s why every Ennis-Flint product and application is designed for quality -- quality that ensures safety, reliability and clarity no matter the project.

Ennis-Flint is a world leader in innovative, high quality road markings and safety products manufacturing a wide array of paint products. The EF Series Traffic Paint line includes both waterborne and solvent based products for use in a wide range of applications including streets and highways, local roads, and private properties.

These paints are suitable for both asphalt and concrete roadways and can be sprayed with either airless or conventional spray equipment. Asphalt formulations are engineered to meet your specification whether federal, state, local, or commercial based.​


Solvent based traffic paints are co-polymer based and formulated for use on streets and highways,
Seymour Stripe products are formulated to address today's environmental concerns while providing efficient and dependable performance in a wide range of marking applications. From utilities and construction to recreational and maintenance applications, Seymour
offers a Stripe product suited to your needs.​

Ennis-Flint Waterborne TRAFFIC Paints

Environmentally Friendly and Lasting Pavement Markings.

Environmentally friendly and lasting pavement markings, waterborne traffic paint is based on proven acrylic emulsion technologies. Formulated for use in a wide range of applications from streets and highways to parking lots, waterborne traffic paints can be applied from temperatures as low as 35°F to as high as 120°F. Waterborne paints are suitable for application on both bituminous and concrete substrates and can be sprayed with airless or conventional spray equipment.

• Increased durability through greater film build (30 mil)
• Dries to “no track” in 3 min. or less under standard conditions
 at 30 mils

• Flexible paint film to withstand road expansion/contraction
• Has ability to hold larger beads for enhanced retroreflectivity

• Low VOC formula; non-flammable n Reduces and cleans up with water

• Excellent atomization and application characteristics
• Dries to a durable, abrasion-resistant finish in temperatures of
 50°F and rising

Ennis-Flint Solvent Based TRAFFIC PAINTS

Solvent based traffic paints are co-polymer based and formulated for use on streets and highways,

rural roads, and parking lots.
Solvent based formulas are especially suitable for colder ambient applications where waterborne cannot be used. Suitable for application on bituminous and concrete substrates, a 15 mil application can be applied at temperatures near freezing; for faster drying times, it can be heated (maximum of 125°F) and sprayed with airless or conventional spray equipment.

• Utility marking 
• Applies with ease at ambient temperatures as low as 40°F
• Designed to be used with or without glass beads
• Available in both Zone Markings and Low VOC formulation
• Allows for traffic markings in the colder “shoulder” season
• Dries to no pickup in 10 minutes or less when applied at 15 mils 
• From highway striping to parking lot delineation, choose from the
 versatile selection of EF Traffic Paints for your next pavement marking project

Tel: +1.281.442.0050

14041 Chrisman Road,

Houston TX 77039

Traffic Marker & Traffic Extra Marker 
A 20 oz solvent-base marker formulated for heavy-duty application in high traffic areas. This marker offers maximum adhesion and durability. Stripe Extra is easily applied and dries quickly to a durable coating that outlasts regular traffic marker 3-1. Non-bleed formulation is ideal for freshly paved parking lots. 

Inverted Tip Marker & Solvent Base Inverted Tip Marker 
A heavy-duty, water-base industrial marker. The no-clog, fast drying formula is available in a full range of construction and APWA colors. Both come with the Seymour converta-cap, a specially designed protective cover that does not need to be removed before using. This provides the user with a convenient marking tool without the worry of accidental spraying. Available in 16 oz and 20 oz sizes. 

The solvent based product is a lead-free, 20 oz solvent based marker that provides brighter colors that last longer in wet conditions. 

Fast drying marking paint designed to be sprayed in an inverted position. Produces vivid marks, does not clog, and is safe for grass. Meets APWA color standards and is VOC compliant. May be sprayed by hand or with the Z-605 marking gun or Z-606 marking wand.

• Parking Lot Markings

• Utility Marking
• Golf Courses
• Landscaping
• Construction Sites
• Surveying

• Mining 
• 12 Cans Per Case

• 16 & 20 Fluid Ounce Cans
• Utility Marking